Cross-Country Moving

How to Prepare Your Household for a Cross-Country Relocation


Relocating to a new city is exciting and stressful. A cross-country relocation has unique challenges. You cannot make several trips to the new city in one week, and the relocation will be more costly. Besides the financial aspect of a cross-country move, you will have to deal with culture shock. The local laws might be different. While you are adjusting to your new city, you will have to find new doctors and schools for your kids. Fortunately, per Cheap Denver Movers ( there are a few things you can do to prepare your household for a cross-country relocation.


1. Choose Your New Residence Carefully

If you can afford to travel, you should take several trips to the city to familiarize yourself with the different neighborhoods. When you find a neighborhood that meets your standards, you should visit the neighborhood before and after dark. Be mindful of traffic congestion and the local stores. Research the local crime statistics. If you have never visited the city for an extended period, you should consider renting for a few months before purchasing a home.

2. Create a Relocation Plan

Relocating hundreds of miles away to a new home is a monumental task. You need a detailed plan. Make a relocation checklist of everything that needs your attention. Contact utility service providers and hire movers. If you’re looking for a moving company, try this cheap Arvada moving company that offers long distance reloations. If you have extra money, you should consider hiring a cleaning service after you move your belongings.

3. Organize Your Finances

Finances are an important part of moving to a new city. You will need a large budget for your cross-country relocation. You should set aside money for deposits, gas and moving supplies. When you organize your finances, you can alleviate your financial worries.

4. Declutter Before Packing

Like most people, you probably have items that you do not want in your new home. You will not want to move unwanted items. You will save time when you declutter before you move. Get rid of everything that needs to be replaced. You will need fewer boxes, and you will reduce your moving costs.

5. A Donation Pile

You will probably want to donate several of your unwanted items. Make space in your home for a donation pile. Instead of taking several trips to the donation center, you can take one trip. If you don’t have time for one trip, call the donation center. The company might make special arrangements for your donation.

6. Your Important Documents

Keep your important documents with you. Your sensitive information needs to be kept in a folder. You can access the documents if you need them, and they will be more secure.


A cross-country relocation requires a substantial amount of planning, so you should start preparing for the relocation several months before your scheduled move date. You will be able to handle all of the important tasks with a clear mind.

Tranporting Your Vehicle

Five Things to Know About Transporting Your Vehicle During the Winter


With some research and time, I’ve found five things you that will help you understand and make informed decisions about transporting a vehicle.

1. Gather Information About Your Car Before Calling Transport Companies

Making a list of your vehicle’s information and knowing the destination and distance are two key things you will need when you start your research later in the article. The cost of transportation will depend on the year, make and model of your vehicle and the location of delivery. An example is that a working four-door sedan will be cheaper than a non-working SUV going to the same destination. Make sure to record your vehicle’s info as accurately as possible to avoid any disputes or additional fees later on.

2. Budget According to Known Auto Transport Costs

Although the cost of auto shipping is lower in the winter, I believe that budgeting deserves a section of its own. Using and some of my information, I entered two different ending locations. My 2002 Acura 3.2TL traveling from Massachusetts to Georgia (around 1,300 miles away) in an open trailer ranged from $700 to $1200. Out of curiosity, I changed the destination to Nevada (around 2,700 miles away), and it ranged from $1200 to $1600. Changing the trailer to an enclosed one adds about 35-50% to the total cost.

3. Look at your options for shipping a car

Now that you’ve got your information and budget ready, exploring different car services and their quotes is the next step. A big decision after deciding to transport is picking a closed or open trailer. Open transport has the risk of outer elements damaging your vehicle while enclosed auto shipping provides maximum protection.

Look at what each company offers and also take the time to a evaluate a quote insures that you compare companies based on things like their range, insurance coverage and customer satisfaction rather than just rates alone.

4. Check the auto transport requirements

Most companies suggest that you prepare and get all major maintenance needs taken care of before shipping. This can include rotating and filling your tires, getting an oil change or fixing any engine problems. Your shipper will need access to your car and the car alarm going off could delay your shipment so deactivating any alarms is necessary. If you’re going to ship your vehicle, you should have it ready to go or at least in the state that you’d like it in when it’s delivered.

5. Vehicle Safety and Cleaning

The last thing you need to know when transporting your vehicle over long distances is removing any personal items A CD collection, coins, a flash-drive, tools, car seats, clothes, etc. all have to be cleared out before the vehicle can be placed into a trailer.

Good transport companies will ensure your car during transport! Having pictures of your vehicle before having it shipped is a good idea in case something does happen on the journey. Taking pictures of the interior, exterior and any scratches and dings will be enough in the event damage is found.

Long Distance Transport

Checklist for Preparing Your Car for Long Distance Transport


Moving across the country can present many challenges, including the complexities of how you’ll move larger items such as your vehicle. Fortunately, car transport companies make it easy. However, you still need to prepare your vehicle for the journey ahead. Some of the most important things to do before shipping day comes are listed below. […]